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Water jet sprinkler (7.2 V, energy-saving, convenient)

Product description and advantages:

1) voltage: 7.2 V, current: 2.8-3.0 A

2) quick sprinting hose and any rotating nozzle

3) two spray heads have unique patent applications

Detailed description of the product:

Weight: 650 g size 23.5, 20.3, 5.5 cm, battery capacity: 2.0 AH

Working time: more than 40 minutes

The volume of water output per minute is: 900ml, exceeding 35L.

Tank capacity 16 L. The injection distance is: 5m

The switch button prevents the current, the battery has the professional waterproof design.

Two spray heads have unique patent applications. Three perfect spray patterns are easy to open and close.

High efficiency, low noise, electronic overload protection, high energy density, fast charger, charger and electronic protection are slow

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